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"Evocative visuals shoot a cold and foggy solo nocturnal walk to introspect on the pretentious masks people wear that leave them empty inside. Dramatic wardrobe, an urban backdrop, eerie transformative editing, and the brilliant use of lights and shadows stirs the mind’s eye with macabre visions whilst syncing seamlessly with the dire energy of the soundtrack." WHITE LIGHT // WHITE HEAT 

"Next up was a post punk dark wave duo from Reading PA. I had the pleasure of speaking to them in the green room and instantly felt a kinship with their devotion to DIY inclusive grass roots promotion of the dark scene. The music was sleek and sophisticated with driving baselines and cascading synths. The vocals had a resonating Terri Nunn vibe with more understated delicacy." SOUNDS AND SHADOWS


"Lyrically saturated with brooding despair, we're confronted with a melancholic barrage of pumping bass, succinct and delicate riffage and an almost siren-esque vocal delivery with subject matter geared towards the darker side of sexuality and BDSM, or at least that's how I interpreted it. There's certainly influences of French coldwave in there, but the chorus effect and guitar licks has me drawing comparisons to early punk bands like Crisis and the beat gives me a more up tempo early Bauhaus vibe." LUKE LEPROSY / AUXILIARY MAGAZINE

"Faux Fear is a new trio from Reading, Pennsylvania, who play a blend of post-punk and coldwave and an affinity for Factory groups like Section 25." RECORD TURNOVER 

“The music speaks for itself as it draws you into a deep musical trance that I can only describe as a soothing melodic mix with driven deep bass lines, strong pop like beats and whimsical lyrics that keep you wanting more.” PA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

“An intoxicating spell of female power and suffering compels ominous bassline throbs to drive relentless obsessions through pain-filled, bleeding guitar strings, twinkling and rippling into surreal wicked passions cut in steady punchy beats and sinister swirling distortions to open distant clapping dimensions around the soft cool siren-esque coos of haunted heartfelt invocations, calling out to the “uncharted” territories of mother nature’s influence and beauty whilst harnessing the arcane insight from the cold misty realms of lost fear.” WHITE LIGHT // WHITE HEAT

“They are based in Reading, PA, they have a double single called “Uncharted“/”Legacy” released on the 26th of March and they seem really cool….. yep that’s it. I have nothing else about them, so I guess we have to wait for them to give us clues.” ONYX MUSIC REVIEWS

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